About Us

Pendricks was created to serve a growing need for straightforward support and guidance on all aspects of engineered fire solutions. In an increasingly complex area of fire safety specifications, British, European, UL & NFPA standards and recommendations, and a variety of available strategies from Active Barriers to SHEVS to fire and smoke rated glass, we aim to simplify complexity and offer a hassle-free service on fire and smoke strategy compliance all over the world.


We are members of the National Fire Protection Association, The Institution of Fire Engineers and the Society of Fire Protection Engineers. We cover all aspects of fire and smoke control throughout the life cycle of the system.


Fire and Smoke Control Specialists

Life safety systems are a niche area of expertise within the built environment, but an important consideration in the overall design of the building. Typically, as this is usually a specialist outsourced service, appointment of Chartered Fire Engineers comes later in the design and construction process. Waiting until this stage could lead to costly or aesthetically clumsy amendments to the design.


We have recognised that there is a demand for early uncomplicated input to the design process to enable the regulatory requirements to be integrated into the concept at an early stage, or even to design out potential issues. Historically, such advice has been sought from experts tied to manufacturers, with the disadvantage being that their advice is limited to their own products.


We offer a middle road; independent guidance at a reasonable cost.

We are qualified and experienced at all aspects of smoke and fire control systems and we know what is available on the market. This enables us to suggest options, fully backed up by calculations and drawings. We feel that this practical approach fills a need in the industry that is not currently being met.

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