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While sunning ourselves on England’s glorious south coast, we decided to look in on some active barriers between ice cream and chips.


Vape flavour of the week: Watermelon, cranberry & crunchy cereal.


Sleuthing and The Year of the Monkey
Housed in a large shopping centre that is over 12 years old are a number of smoke reservoir barriers and fire compartment curtains. So far, so life safety system. Unfortunately for building management, the full cycle of the Chinese Zodiac has meant a combination of manufacturers and systems being installed in each and every way.


We don’t discriminate here at Pendricks. Regardless of its varying brands of curtain, we flew to its aid. Upon arrival, our team, decked out head to toe in stylish Pendricks hi-viz, located the control panels for each curtain and marked them up on a building plan.


This might seem the work of simple souls, but as any building manager will tell you, locating the systems and joining up how they correspond to one another requires the dazzling moustache and sleuthing power of Hercule Poirot. No Belgians are needed however, as the Pendricks band of brothers and sisters are experienced in all matters of fire and smoke curtains.


Hotline Bling
The equipment is asset tagged and marked up so that when the time comes for reactive or further pre-planned maintenance and our client calls the Pendricks hotline, call outs and servicing are quick and efficient.


So if you’ve just discovered that there are four different brands of active barriers in your building and you don’t know where to turn, give us a call and we’ll take the pressure off you. Plus, in addition to being experienced and completely charming, our teams are very easy on the eye.

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