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Hey Presto(n)!

Our service and maintenance team had to make a speedy trip to Preston recently in order to carry out reactive maintenance to a curtain in a high street store. The curtain had got stuck on the way back up and was blocking the escalator. Within four hours our engineers were on site and had ensured the curtain was back up in the ceiling and was safe.

We delivered a detailed report complete with photographs on the faults of the curtain, namely that the tabs meant to keep it in place were badly damaged plus the failing battery life. This enabled our client to accurately gauge the value of repair works, a service which we also offered.

Upon our return to this curtain in Preston, new tabs and bolts were added to the curtain and the batteries were duly replaced. Our experience with multiple manufacturers and access to various parts make it easy for the client to keep their costs low, rather than having to replace the system altogether.

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