Maintenance of Smoke & Fire Curtains

Our dedicated teams are on hand to carry out the mandatory testing required to maintain a fire certificate.

As part of a complete life safety package it is important to compartmentalise and prevent the spread of fire, both within the building and to prevent the spread to adjacent buildings – demise line protection. Using Active Fire Barriers provides an economic and unobtrusive way of maintaining compartmentation of a building while retaining the gravity fail to safe characteristics of the natural ventilation system.

After installation, active barriers must be regularly inspected and tested throughout their life cycle to meet mandatory requirements.

Pre-planned Maintenance

Pendricks has a dedicated team for inspection and testing. Whether one building or premises across the country, you can forget the hassle of maintaining schedules and organising suitable works. Your maintenance history will be available for you for any audits.


Reactive Maintenance

When smoke and fire curtains become faulty, Pendricks will respond to client call-outs within four hours, subject to location, to investigate defective life safety systems and take immediate action. A report will then be compiled documenting the problems with the active barriers, the immediate action taken to make the building safe, and recommendations for long-term corrections where necessary.

Comprehensive Package

If you choose our pre-planned maintenance programme, Pendricks can set up a schedule that lives up to current fire and smoke compliance law. Should we find systems in need of repair, we will inform you so that arrangements can be made to conduct the remedial works by our dedicated teams.


Pendricks offer a maintenance service encompassing an initial inspection and subsequent scheduling and execution of maintenance inspections. This service also covers emergency call outs should the active barrier deploy inappropriately or be damaged for other reasons. Reports will be prepared so that the client can demonstrate that they are compliant with all fire regulations.

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