Milan Darling, Milan

Caution: Italian stereotypes and fancy language.


Any old excuse to fire up the old cafetiere! We’ve been looking into a fire strategy for clients in Milan this month.


Our Italian colleagues are looking to incorporate fire curtains into their re-design of an existing shopping mall. So far, so bravo. As previously designed, there were two slight hitches… the active barrier would not have fit in the ceiling space and the system itself was not compliant with regulations.



As luck would have it, innovation is our middle name (it can’t very well be danger can it?), and we have suggested some changes to make the system work. We re-oriented the construction to enable it to be housed in the luxuriously accommodating ceiling. The specification was also downgraded to suit the building in question’s actual requirements and evacuation time.


Bella Lingua

We also issued fancy language such as ‘abuts the glazing’, and ‘demise line protection’ which is sure to get any fire strategy past the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) with a hearty nod and sigh. This tenderly garnered fire strategy report was in fact submitted to the fire engineers and has since been passed, saving a headache and money all round.


That’s what you all love about us here at Pendricks, we have these prim and proper standards backing us up and find the most appropriate and cost-effective equipment to suit the system requirements. We won’t sell you a thing, we’ll just point you in the direction of the right fit for your project.


The fact of the matter is, as our clients relaxed with an espresso and a cigarette in some beautiful piazza in Lombardy, we were whipping up an amended fire strategy set to stir some hearts in the fire engineering world; sleek, efficient, and Italian.

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