Salamanders, Cat Flaps and Branding

We’re delighted to launch our new website, designed by the talented troop at Side by Side. We met with Dave, Oliver & Luke at this Sheffield-based creative agency in order to come up with a brand identity for Pendricks.


The Golden Salamander

Side by Side proposed for our emblem the fire salamander, native to the forests of central Europe. According to popular legend, the salamander is able to withstand extremely high temperatures and Pliny himself believed the animal to be able to even put out fire. Don’t say we don’t educate you here at Pendricks.

Like our service and maintenance, the fire salamander is most active at night, and like us, it looks great in dark grey and gold.


What’s In A Name?

Our name came about by a combination of our commitment to Hendricks gin and a tip of the hat to Arthur Paul Pedrick, who not only patented a colour-selective cat flap, but also one of the earliest models of fire curtain. If you want to learn more about this quirky inventor and have a penchant for websites from the late 1990s, please click here.


Many thanks to the team at Side by Side for such a creative and comprehensive branding package. If you’d like to see more of their work, please click here.

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